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                      COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Co., Ltd. Established in Tianjin
                      發布時間: 2016-12-23 分享到:

                      On December 21st, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Co., Ltd. was officially established in Tianjin. Mr. Sun Wenkui, Vice Mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government, attended the opening ceremony,together with Mr. Xu Lirong, Chairman/Party Secretary of CHINA COSCO SHIPPING Group, and Mr. Wan Min, Board Member/ Managing Director of CHINA COSCO SHIPPING Group.


                      Speeches were given at the opening ceremony by distinguished guests such as Mr. Wan Min, Managing Director of CHINA COSCO SHIPPING Group, Mr. Yang Bing, Director of Administrative Committee of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Mr. Lu Dongliang, Vice President of Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, and Shimizu Kin, Executive Director of the Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha, etc. COSCO Shipping Logistics invited around 300 guests attending this opening ceremony, including Tianjin Municipal Government officials, Ms. Sun Yueying, Chief Finance Officer of CHINA COSCO Shipping Group, Mr. Huang Xiaowen, Deputy General Manager of CHINA COSCO SHIPPING Group, honored customers and cooperation partners from both domestics and overseas, port authorities, shipping industry associations, Presidents of maritime related universities and colleges, as well as the news media friends etc. Mr. Han Jun, General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics hosted the ceremony.


                      The grand opening of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics is very important for CHINA COSCO Shipping Group’s reformation and development. It marks that CHINA COSCO Shipping Group made a solid step towards the goal of “Establish Global Leading Services Provider of Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain”. Mr. Wan indicated in his speech that COSCO SHIPPING Logistics choose to register in Tianjin is the important choice to not only support and promote Tianjin city for building the North China International Shipping Center, but also to adapt to the new economic norm, to deepen the structural reform of supply side, to play the advantages of resources from all parties, to better participate in the international market competition, and to achieve the transformation and upgrading, to improve quality and efficiency. With burdens on the shoulders, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics will stick to the strategic guidance, accelerate the construction of infrastructure, improve the global network layout, innovative new business model, and drive business growth rapidly. Continue to uphold the "customer-centric" concept, optimize service network, pay attention and dig out more customer needs, to create more value for the customers, and promote win-win cooperation. Reconcile and coordination will be the activator and amplifier for COSCO SHIPPING group’s major shipping business’s value promotion, in order to create logistics service ecosphere together.


                      The newly established COSCO SHIPPING Logistics integrates the superior resources of COSCO Logistics, China Shipping Logistics and China Shipping Agency. It has five self-owned national patents and technological progress Achievement Awards, which includes "large-scale cargo road transportation strategy system", "large-scale cargo roll-on/roll-off computer simulation system", “Large aircraft-parts ocean transportation technology”, “Multimodal transportation information system” etc, holding a number of large-scale cargo transportation records, such as the heaviest, the widest, the longest, and the tallest. It also owns 3 famous branding, they are COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, PENAVICO, and COSCO SHIPPING Agency. The new company set up branches in 30 domestic provinces and 17 overseas countries/regions, more than 500 sales and customer service points globally, formed the service network system throughout China and globally as well.


                      Mr.Han said, as the China leading enterprise of international logistics, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics will fully enjoy overall advantages of COSCO SHIPPING Group, draw support from the favorable environment of Tianjin International Shipping Logistics Center, seize the historical opportunity of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, insist on customer-centric and market-oriented strategy, speed-up the business model innovation and structural reform, overall arrange 5 major products as freight forwarding, warehousing logistics, vessel agency, project logistics, and contract logistics, create world-leading end-to-end logistics and supply chain services platform, provide high-quality, efficient, and convenient total logistics solutions, for Chinese enterprises going overseas, and also for foreign enterprises to enter China. We will also bring higher value for our customers and partners, to make better contributions for the local economic development.


                      COSCO SHIPPING Logistics also held a customer referral meeting after the opening ceremony, hosted by Mr. Sun Jun, the party secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics.


                             At the meeting, witnessed by Mr. Huang Xiaowen, Deputy Managing Director of CHINA COSCO SHIPPING Group, together with other leaders, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics signed a transportation service agreement Airbus (Tianjin), and also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Tibet ZTE Business Group and China Gezhouba Group. There is another tripartite strategy cooperation framework agreement for “Henan logistics industry development fund” signed between COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd., Henan Agricultural Comprehensive Development Company and COSCO SHIPPING Logistics.

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