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                      COSCO Shipping Logistics Won “Golden Pegasus” Prize in Logistics Industry 2018
                      發布時間: 2018-12-21 分享到:

                      On December 20, Beijing (Xiangshan) International Logistics Forum 2018 and the 2nd China Logistics Brand Conference hosted by the China Communications and Transportation Association were held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Dong Daxin, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Logistics, attended the forum with relevant staff.

                      COSCO Shipping Logistics won the awards of “Golden Pegasus” in China's logistics industry in 2018, “China's Top Ten Logistics Enterprises”, “China's Most Socially Responsible Logistics Enterprises”, ect. Chairman and General Manager Han Jun won the "Top 40 Outstanding Experts in Transportation and Logistics for 40 years of Reform and Opening up" and "2018 Influential Figures in China Shipping Industry".

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