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                      Han Jun Led Delegation to Germany
                      發布時間: 2019-02-28 分享到:

                      On February 25th and 26th, Han Jun, Assistant General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Group, Chairman of Board, President of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, led a delegation to Germany, where they visited the Consulate General of China in Dusseldorf, Germany, and communicated with the Consulate about cooperation between COSCO SHIPPING Group and Dusseldorf port. After that, they met with Muller, minister of the Ministry of Transportation of the state of NRW of Germany, and Staake, Chairman of the port of Duisburg and other relevant customers, and communicated with them about CHINARAILWAY Express and Duisburg joint-venture cooperation. They also looked around the Port of Duisburg and Logport logistics park, and had in-depth discussions over reconstruction project of Duisburg wharf.


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