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                      Han Jun Met with CEO of Euroports Group
                      發布時間: 2019-05-10 分享到:

                      On May 7, Han Jun, Assistant General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Group, Chairman of Board, President of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics met with Mr. Charles Menkhorst, CEO of Euroports Group and his delegation at COSCO SHIPPING Group building.

                      Han extended warm welcome to Mr. Charles, and introduced development strategy and international operation of COSCO SHIPPING Group, as well as advantages and successful experience of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, which takes shipping logistics as the core and provides whole-process logistics and supply chain solutions for domestic and foreign customers. Mr. Charles said that with an operating history of over 20 years in China and a wholesome foundation of cooperation with COSCO SHIPPING Group members, Euroports Group looks forward to cooperating with COSCO SHIPPING Logistics in various aspects. The two sides also had in-depth communication and reached broad consensus on the approaches and means of cooperation.

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